Why Franchise

Here is why should you consider office champs education Franchise. A successfull and already applied model of business that has already been tested. It is a model which not only helps education training centre but also provide verified and upgraded method of computer learning for their students. The basic and new learner concepts of computer along with learning Microsoft's office is not a desire, it is the basic need of each and every individual in today's world. Once a kid start growing parents try to make the child hold the pen comfortably and make him/her start writing on the paper, similarly making the child equipped to work on the computer system is one of the primary need of all parents in the society. We dont have to strive hard to teach computer's basic to students, we just have to acquaint the child with basic concepts of computer in a cordial and more understandable manner. Office champs has been designed with carefully formulated learning methods in a very easy manner and its updating version after every three months has kept it growing and demanding in the computer education market. Our module make the institute and student at ease with course material which thoroughly researched and tested by the software industry experts. Office champs modules are designed which provided the faculty the easy of training and students to cover most of the modules on its own. Even if the student is not good in english, leaning computer is not difficult. If you are looking to set up your new institute in your residence, small office with a very very low cost of investment here is an opportunity at your door step to deliver the society at large. Even if you dont have basic knowledge of computer but you are backed with great will, enthusiasm and high school qualified you can start up your own center. We will train and make you equip to start up your own computer center at your place. We will provide complete assistance in delivering the education. Even if you are already running an institue, you can try and test our model and resources absolutely free of cost. We just need hard-working, dedicated and honest Franchise partners to make the basic learning of computer reach in each and every part of the world. If you want to join our campaign in this skill development programme and earn a meagre amount in between you are most welcome to contact us anytime.

What is the cost of Franchise

We dont charge any franchise fees. We assist and provide Ms office learning through a office champ kit consist of Ms-office Modules and practice exercises that can be available on request on a discounted fee. Office champs Modules are revised every year with the sole aim of providing quality learning and easy understanding of concepts for every individual.

What are different courses OFFICE CHAMPS offer?

Office champs dont offer trending courses as like most Educational Franchise in the market. Office champs is only focussed in providing basic elementary education of computer that makes the student equipped and expertise in basics of computer, know-how of computer and its technology, ms paint, ms word, ms excel, ms powerpoint, Basics of Networking and computer Hardware, SDLC, STLC, etc.

How we do it

Office Champs delivers certification exams through a specialized, national network of Office Champs Authorized Training Centers and Office champs online portal. Office Champs Centers serve three key markets: Individual Students, Computer Insititutes, Corporate, and Industrial work force to make them expert in basic computer operations. Office champs centers are uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of reliable, performance-based testing and certification programs.

Does Franchise Partner of Office champs can run their own certification courses

YES, without any objection. Every franchise partner of office champs are permitted to run other computer course in their own title name. But they cant use office champs name to run or issue certificates of other course. Knowledge is a power, we believe in educating the masses, and make the society computer literate.


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